3 Fantastic Building Toys and Sets at Red Wagon

Feb 03

3 Fantastic Building Toys and Sets at Red Wagon

Building toys have been shown to help a child’s brain development, problem solving skills, and lots more. Plus, kids have lots of fun constructing buildings and structures with colorful blocks, tiles and bricks – they have for hundreds of years!

Here are some of our favorite building toys here at Red Wagon Toys…

Magna-Tiles® are magnetic building toys that are flat, magnetic tiles to use for building colorful, three-dimensional shapes and structures. Some sets include wheels to give movement to your creation. The tiles stay together by attracting magnetically at the edges, for endless building possibilities! As your child plays with the tiles, critical developmental skills are improved, while imagination, creativity and fun abound. Use the Magna-Tiles® for playful construction, forming geometric shapes, math demonstrations and more – the possibilities are endless, as the company likes to say!

The ‘Ultimate Construction Toy for Kids’, Laser Pegs® are actually compatible with LEGO blocks for extended building fun. This is a recent addition to their line. These construction sets are illuminated with LED so that they light up as you build! Add light to boring LEGO sets with Laser Pegs®, or build a fully-illuminated construction wonder! Laser Pegs® have won multiple awards for their creative, colorful and fun building toys – we know your child will love building with light.

If your child loves LEGO, he or she will definitely enjoy our fun BrickMaster sets! With an exclusive magazine full of articles, comics, and more. Each BrickMaster set has a different fun LEGO theme, like Pirates, Ninjago and Star Wars to name a few. Not only will your child love the building capabilities with the set, he or she can enjoy so much more from the creative world of LEGO. Come by Red Wagon for a look at our selection of BrickMaster for your little master builder.

There’s always something new and interesting to play and learn with here at Red Wagon Toys. Stop by to take a look at our latest arrivals and classic favorites in toys, games, books, craft sets and more.

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