5 Great Toys for Outdoor Play

Jul 23

5 Great Toys for Outdoor Play

We’re all excited that it’s summertime and the beautiful Pacific Northwest summer weather has arrived as well. But it can get tricky to keep kids out and enjoying the nice weather instead of staying inside to play video games or watch TV.

At Red Wagon, we like to think of ourselves as experts in the realm of indoor and outdoor play, and we know of some great toys that will help kids of all ages enjoy playing outside throughout the summer:

Kettler Trikes: Whether your little one is at the peddling level or not quite there, trikes from Kettler are great for kids. The seat is adjustable and comes with a removable arm handle, which you can use to push your child safely as they ride. The trikes have a 90-degree limited turn radius, decreasing the risk of tipping. They are some of the best-made tricycles on the market when it comes to quality, and your child will love it for the fun-factor.

Bruder Trucks: These toy trucks aren’t the ones you grew up with, because they totally change the game when it comes to sandbox play – or just outdoor play in general. Bruder trucks are designed with state-of-the-art technology and construction. They have working, functional parts and systems – some can even hold sand, rocks, and water like the Cement Mixer Truck. Nearly all of Bruder’s toy trucks are safe for children ages three and up.

Hit Mits: These are a new product this year for both kids and adults. Not only are they fun, but they are good for hand-eye coordination. The mit fits on either hand for fun on the beach, at the park, or in the backyard lasting all summer long! We have Hit Mit sets available in a variety of colors here at Red Wagon. Each set comes with two Mits, three balls, and a mesh storage bag. It makes for a great birthday gift as well.

Kickboard Scooters: These scooters have been called the best kids scooters around and here, at Red Wagon, we can’t help but agree. Kickboard® uses micro quality when constructing their kick scooters, with the best design and technology (it’s won them quite a few awards). The colorful kids scooters we carry here at Red Wagon are perfect for kids just out of toddler-hood and up to eight years old. The scooters are just right for a ride to the park or if you’re just going for a walk around the Madison Park neighborhood!

Alex Toys Paddle Tether Ball: Tether Ball has been a playground classic for decades, and Alex Toys has a portable one that is perfect for summer play outside! It’s an adjustable tetherball pole that comes with two wide paddles to smack it around in a one- or two-person game. The base fills easy with water or sand for portability.

Enjoy the summer weather, and we hope these great toys will help your kids have a fantastic time playing outside all summer long!

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