Encouraging Creativity and Imagination

Jan 06

Encouraging Creativity and Imagination

Being creative and using your imagination are many a parent’s goal with toys and games these days. The rising interest of children of all ages with electronics can present a challenge in how does one engage their child in other play to create a balance.

Here at Red Wagon in Madison Park, we’re very supportive of creativity and imagination. We stock items for a variety of ages to encourage this. Here are just a few of our lines that promote creativity and imagination.


The award-winning miniature animals and their life-like environments have inspired the imagination and creativity of countless children all over the world. All the rooms of furniture are very detailed and include all the necessities to spark imaginary play. The animals homes include various houses, a mansion, a tree house and a camper. The new families you will see this year include sea otters, chipmunks, pigs, beavers and polar bears. The great thing about the critters and there environments both young boys and girls love interacting with them. Everything they have sparks endless scenarios and adventures for your little ones to cook up.


For older children we carry a company that originated in France. They produce a resign figure and various wooden environments for your child to engage their imaginations. They have fantasy figures like fairies, princesses, dragons and a wizard. Papo also makes a very realistic and detailed line of kings and knights. You will find Prince Richard, Prince Philip, King Richard, Templar Knights and even Robin Hood. To go along with these there are jousters, and archers, catapults and castles. These figures can create hours of creative, imaginative and action-packed play.


Dress-up helps kids cultivate their imaginations. It is not just about looking pretty or mimicking their favorite superhero. Kids learn story telling and group play through dress-up, which will be valuable for their development. We carry, all year-round, well-made and fun costumes for kids of both genders and various ages. Along with Princess & Fairy dresses, we carry tutus, a variety of wings & capes and wands. Douglas, which is known for their plush line, has now ventured into dress-up with a variety of free flowing butterfly wings and fanciful soft fabric masks. Other fantasy costumes are chainmail shirts, knights & superhero capes, shields & swords. Two of our most popular outfits are the fireman and the astronaut suits by Aeromax. They are very realistic! If you don’t want full costumes we also have mustaches, glasses and various fun hats, all guaranteed to spark anyone’s imagination.

These are only a few of the items we carry here at Red Wagon to spark creativity and imagination. Come on in and let us help you find just the right item for your child or that birthday gift you need to pick-up.

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