Buying the Right Toys for Your Child this Holiday Season

Dec 09

Buying the Right Toys for Your Child this Holiday Season

Who amongst us cannot remember that special Christmas when we received that wonderful toy or game that still ranks in our minds as “the best toy ever!!!”? Quite often it wasn’t whether or not we received a mountain of toys, rather it was that one special toy or game that we played with over and over. Now as parents and grandparents, we want to not only give our kids gifts they love, but toys that are of good quality and stimulate the mind and encourage learning and creativity.

What makes a toy fit into that timeless category, forever loved and remembered?

At Red Wagon, we have done your homework for you and selected toys that have passed that test of timelessness, have excellent craftsmanship, stimulate creativity, and facilitate learning. We provide toys with purpose that enhance your children’s mental and physical growth, while still allowing kids to have FUN in the process. And when our kids and grandkids are happy, we are happy.

We want to encourage you this holiday season to not fall into the trap of purchasing just more toys and games, but instead to focus on providing high quality timeless and educational toys that they will love.

Creativity for Kids products are jam packed with color, shape, and texture to facilitate your child’s artistic and creative side. You will find paints, coloring books and a wide variety of artful instruments to choose from.

Diamond Select Superhero Figures will accommodate a world of make-believe centered on a favorite superhero movie. Doesn’t every child want to be a superhero.

Our Kettler trikes are great for building gross motor skills, promoting physical health, and burning up some of that endless winter energy!

Bruder’s wonderful high quality trucks and vehicles for inside and out are sure to keep your little one busy and engaged for hours.

Folkmanis hand puppets are great for kids of all ages and stimulate discovery and imagination and are also soft enough to cuddle with.

Aeromax and Great Pretenders allow your children to dress up as a princess, or a fairy, a knight or a pirate even an astronaut. We also carry an assortment of capes and fun hats, too.

Let your staff at Red Wagon help you choose a gift for your child or grandchild from this wonderful selection or many other lines that we carry, and open a world of learning, growth, creativity, and exploration!


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