Fantastic Toys & Gifts for Easter Basket Fun

Apr 03

Fantastic Toys & Gifts for Easter Basket Fun

Spring has officially arrived and Easter is fast approaching. Here at Red Wagon we carry a large variety of items to fill those Easter baskets. You will find toys, books, and goodies for infants on up to any of those young adult children you might be shopping for.

This year we have added some sweet treats like character jellybeans, home made chocolate bunnies and marshmallow caramel eggs. They are made right here in Washington. If you are going to be coloring Easter eggs, we have Glob Colors non-toxic botanical paints that are made from fruits, veggies and herbs. You just add water and mix. So hop on down to Madison Park and come exploring.

A new shipment of dress up has arrived from Great Pretenders. Along with several new dresses, capes and Knights garb we now have flower halos and a Hot Pink superhero outfit complete with mask and armbands. New to their line is the Colour-A-Cape. These capes have a pre- printed design (superhero, fairy and butterfly) and come with water-based markers for kids to personalize. They are lined with a reversible solid color side and are machine washable.  Don’t worry your little ones art won’t wash away. This should be a sure hit for any birthday gift you might need.

Also new to our store is ZOOB. If you don’t already know how great they are come in and check them out. Zoob is a building set with a difference – the pieces move after the kids snap, click, and pop them together. So kids can actually play with their creations. Kids can create simple models in minutes, or get absorbed and spend hours at a time. Zoob’s built-in educational value encourages both boys and girls to learn, explore and create using their most important tool of all: their imaginations. New to the line is the Inventor’s Kit, which features the winners from their worldwide Inventor’s contest. The winners range in age from 7 to 12, even though the toy is geared for 3 and up. Zoob is running another contest and this set includes an entry form for this year’s competition. Pick up a set to take home, you never know, your child might be the next winner featured.

Since we are getting outside more often now, we have some great new items for getting your children engaged in the garden. At Red Wagon we have a couple of build-it birdhouse kits from The Little Experience company from England.  One actually includes 2 comics for decorating the outside.  Several books to help you out are “It’s a Jungle Out There!”, 52 Nature Adventures for City Kids, “The Stick Book” showing you loads of things to make with sticks, and “Gardening Lab For Kids”. All of these books and many other items we have encourage children to get outside and enjoy nature.

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