Great Toys Made In The USA

Sep 09

We are proud to carry several American-made toy brands here at Red Wagon. This month we chose to highlight a few to show you how wonderful they are! The toys we are going to share with you can be enjoyed by a variety of ages.

puttyworld_2268_3647693Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: This Thinking Putty got its start in the hands of dot-com adults as a fun stress-reliever at work, but it’s grown to so much more! Crazy Aaron’s started in 2001 and is proudly made in Philadelphia by a work team of exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. The putty can be used as a toy, stress ball, therapeutic product or just something to squeeze. It comes in over 30 awesome colors! A couple of our favorites are Clear Glass and Super Magnetic – you can actually bend it with the magnet it comes with. We have a young customer who is collecting the smaller tins they make.  Watch videos, learn cool putty tricks, and find out more at

portland-folk-art-puzzle-21201-517zDowdle Puzzles: See the world through the eyes of Folk Artist Eric Dowdle, who is known world wide for his paintings, which eventually are translated into puzzles for all ages. Dowdle Folk Arts’ home is in Utah where Eric is from.  Much of the art on his puzzles is from buildings and architecture from real cities around the globe, and reflect a whimsical and fun folk artsy design. His collection of puzzles includes iconic sports venues, cities from around the world including Seattle and our very own Pike’s Place Market and Husky Stadium. To learn more about Eric Dowdle and all his exploits, check him out at

Festivity Designs: Remember those Scrabble tiles from our childhood? Pam Taylor started Festivity Designs in 2000 out of her love for fashion and design, which started as a teenager when working for Nordstrom. She is producing a line of jewelry that is fun, trendy and most of all affordable. Using recycled wooden Scrabble tiles, she is designing pendant style necklaces for all ages. 435_Kidsmontage3They are created right here in her chic studio. Her inspirations come form contemporary culture, fashion and everyday surroundings. They make great gifts, party favors and that end-of-the-year treat for teachers. We will be planning a trunk show here in the store in November, and you won’t want to miss it! There will be a large selection of designs for all ages, ideal for the holiday gift giving. To see her designs in advance, take a look at her website

These are just a few of the brands made in the USA that we carry here at Red Wagon.  If you are looking for more American-made toys, please visit our Madison Park store – we’re always happy to help you find something new, fun and educational.

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